Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FUEL Better: Salad Greens

Salad Greens Galore

Ever feel like you are eating the same salad over and over and over again?
Do you get stuck in a rut buying only one type of lettuce?
Are you intimidated by  the funny looking green leafy options in the produce section?
Will it taste good? Is it for salads? What dressing goes well with it?

There are a wide variety of green leafy vegetables that can add texture, taste, color and powerful nutrients to any salad.
Next time give on these green leafy options a try:

Rich in: vitamins A, C and K
Taste: peppery
Combine with: milder lettuces (Boston or Bibb) and olive oil based vinaigrettes

Belgian Endive:
Rich in: antioxidant vitamin E and magnesium
Taste: bitter
Combine with: watercress or Boston lettuce and creamy or citrus dressings 

Boston & Bibb:
Rich in: B vitamins, calcium and magnesium
Taste: subtle, buttery (Boston) sweet (Bibb)
Combine with: spinach, Belgian endive or romaine lettuce and citrus dressing or olive oil based vinaigrettes 

Rich in: vitamins B1 and B6
Taste: crisp, mild
Combine with: arugula, watercress or loose leaf lettuce and cream dressings 

Loose Leaf:
Rich in: calcium, magnesium and phosphorous 
Taste: delicate, sweet
Combine with: Boston, watercress, radicchio, arugula or crisp lettuce varieties and wine vinaigrettes 

Rich in: vitamin B6, iron and zinc
Taste: peppery
Combine with: Boston, loose leaf, spinach, Belgian endive or arugula  and nut based vinaigrettes.  

Rich in: calcium and vitamins A, C, K and B1
Taste: sweet, nutty
Combine with: Bibb lettuce, spinach or arugula and wine vinaigrettes   

Rich in: iron, calcium and folate  
Taste: mild
Combine with: Boston or Bibb lettuce and citrus vinaigrettes    

Rich in: iron, calcium and folate
Taste: spicy
Combine with: Boston or romaine lettuce or Belgian endive and any vinaigrette    

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