Friday, April 1, 2011

FUEL Foodie Friday

FUEL Foodie Friday offers insights and expertise for any who shares a common interest in making smart food buying choices for their families. Also for the health conscious consumer that is tired of the same ole grocery list.  I will be your supermarket guinea pig and report on everyday finds at supermarkets, big-box stores, and the neighborhood health food stores.

Pam Organic Olive Oil Cooking Spray
PAM® Organic is specially formulated with organic ingredients that meet USDA organic standards. It has combined the health benefits of olive oil and goodness of organic ingredients with the same unbeatable no-stick performance and easy cleanup of Original PAM.

The spray makes it easy to portion control and add flavor without the added calories. Use it on pans for baking, skillets for saut√©ing, and on vegetables before going into the microwave or oven. You can also sprits your favorite salads, popcorn, or vegetables before serving.  

It is advertised as Fat-Free but let’s be smart!! It is still olive oil in there and if your finger gets tried from spraying you have used too much!! Spritz not Soak!
Available at all major groceries for about $3.00.

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